I have over 30 years of experience as a fisheries biologist with an emphasis on salmon, juvenile fish passage, regulatory permitting, recovery planning, hatchery effectiveness evaluation, and natural resource research, monitoring, and evaluation (RM&E) planning and implementation.  I have extensive experience preparing baseline environmental documents in support of the Federal Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA), as well as preparing regulatory permit applications, resource management plans, and mitigation monitoring plans for various clients. I have facilitated numerous complex processes, workshops, and technical teams.

  • Over 20 years addressing hydropower impacts on anadromous fish; juvenile fish bypass development,  juvenile fish survival study development and implementation;
  • Have led the development, implementation, and reported on monitoring and research studies;
  • Technical lead on development of a habitat conservation plan for anadromous fish on the Columbia River;
  • A member on numerous multidisciplinary technical teams to develop salmon and steelhead recovery plans;
  • Facilitation of many processes and projects related to juvenile salmon survival and salmon recovery;
  • Expert knowledge of salmon ecology and migratory behavior;
  • Managed a large hatchery program associated with one of the largest hydro-power projects on the Columbia River, including development of research, monitoring and evaluation plans for the hatchery;
  • Have assisted with FERC relicensing requirements;
  • Developed three different adaptive management plans;
  • Authored and developed multiple Hatchery Genetic Management Plans; and
  • Assisted with development of Biological Opinions for habitat and hatchery programs.
  • Authored numerous NEPA related documents (EA/BA and EIS).

Additional Detail

Hatchery planning and implementation of RM&E

While working for Chelan County Public Utility District as a senior fish biologist and supervisor of the Fish & Wildlife department, I assisted in development of a hatchery program that releases over 3 million fish.  I wrote and administered the research, monitoring, and evaluation (RM&E) plan and operations and maintenance for the hatchery program.

Primary author for the Willamette Hatchery Mitigation Program RM&E plan.

Provided assistance to Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) staff in development of strategic approaches to ensuring their hatchery obligations are addressed.

Development of inventory of hatchery RM&E throughout the Columbia River basin.

Development of, and analysis of hatchery genetic management plans (HGMP) for the Willamette and Columbia River basin hatchery programs.

Assisted NOAA Fisheries in development of draft biological opinions for hatchery programs in the Upper Columbia Basin. 

Fish passage

Design of juvenile fish passage alternatives at main stem Columbia River dams, including development of RM&E to ensure design was appropriate and performance targets were met. 

Fish ladder

Technical analyses and advice and on the implementation of the Willamette River biological opinion, including fish passage alternatives, hatchery programs, and RM&E.

Assisted the Colville Confederated Tribes (CCT) on addressing differences in adult salmon survival rate through the lower Columbia River.


US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) collaborative process that involved the USFWS, NOAA Fisheries, Yakama Nation (YN), Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), and the CCT to develop strategies to implement recommendations to improve strategies at their Leavenworth Complex hatcheries.

CCT process known as the Summer Chinook Summit to develop the background information and make recommendations on the management of summer Chinook salmon in the upper Columbia River basin.  

Development of recommendations regarding the implementation of FCRPS BiOp that relate to Snake River fall Chinook salmon.  

Development of goals and objectives regarding hatchery RM&E in the Willamette Basin.   

Development of a document that made recommendations and guidance for implementation of juvenile salmonid survival studies.

Chair of the Upper Columbia Regional Technical Team, 2012-2016.  As part of the State of Washington's salmon recovery process and implementation of the local utilities' license requirements, the team reviews and scores proposed habitat restoration projects, reviews and directs habitat restoration design and implementation, assists with coordination of monitoring throughout the Upper Columbia River basin.

Development of recovery and other plans

Developed and wrote the management plan sections in the Lake Chelan, Entiat, and Wenatchee Subbasin Plans.

Co-author on the Upper Columbia Salmon Steelhead Recovery Plan.

juvenile salmon

Re-wrote the Southeast Washington Management Unit Salmon and Steelhead Recovery Plan in 2010 and 2011. 

Assisted NOAA Fisheries with the RM&E portion of the Northeast Oregon and Idaho Salmon and Steelhead recovery plans and the overarching Snake River Salmon and Steelhead recovery plan.

Primary author for a biological assessment (BA) to the USFWS concerning the implementation of the coho salmon reintroduction program in the Wenatchee and Methow subbasins. 

Primary author on the Fisheries Management and Evaluation Plan (FMEP) for the CCT. 

Reports and publications

I have written over 300 reports and documents, some of which have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

Reports and other information concerning these projects are available upon request.